Feadship launches 83.5m hybrid superyacht Savannah

In a spectacular ceremony at the Feadship yard in Aalsmeer (NL) this weekend, Feadship launched the 83.50-metre Savannah. She is a yacht full of premiers, including being the world’s first ever hybrid superyacht and the first to be entirely metallic painted with the exception of the mast domes.

The James Bond-themed launch ceremony on Saturday evening saw a dramatic mix of singers, dancers and acrobats entertain the people involved in the construction of Savannah over the past three years and their families. The owner had flown in guests from round the world to join the party and hear him thank the Feadship designers, engineers, painters and craftsmen who put in over one million man-hours to create this masterpiece of pure custom creation.

One million Watts

The eco-friendly electro-mechanical propulsion is, of course, fantastically complex. In a nutshell, however, it features a pioneering blend of a single Wärtsilä main engine, three generators, some one million Watts of Li-ion batteries, a single central propeller shaft installation on the centreline and an in-line azimuting thruster. Combined with the yacht’s super streamlined hull shape, this means Savannah enjoys fuel economies of thirty per cent and incredible flexibility in operations and loading of the power plant.